Political Liberty vs. Individual Liberty

Introduction I was on Twitter recently and some retard didn’t understand the difference between political and individual liberty. The issue was raised over my article on organizing society. They thought that my caste system was wrong apparently believing that Political liberty was fundamental. So it’s time to set the record. Individual Liberty Individual Liberty is another way […]

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Westernism vs. Multiculturalism

Introduction Today people are more than willing to bow down at the alter of multiculturalism and “social acceptance” at the expense of liberty and equality. This is a huge mistake and an compromise of the values of Western Civilization. It is the cause of the unholy alliance between the left and totalitarian ideologies like Islam […]

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The Best way to Organize a society

Introduction In my article on Anarcho-Capitalism I made it clear that while I find Anarcho-Capitalism to be ideal I don’t find it feasible. In my article on the Constitution I made my support for the constitution clear. However this support is a matter of pragmatism. In truth if society is to have a compulsory state […]

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The Ethical and Rational Case for defending the State of Israel from the Left as well as the Alt-Right

Introduction There has recently be rampant rise of Anti-Semitism and attacks on Israel by the Left and the Alt-Right. Israel is lied about in the media where it’s portrayed as a Nation of oppressors occupying Palestinian land and attacked on the world stage by members of the UN for “human rights violations” when many of […]

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Introduction Abortion is a sensitive issue with most people. And this article is sure to start more than a few arguments. However I feel abliged to give an honest presentation of what I believe about abortion religiously, ethically, rationally, and politically. My View on Abortion I am pro-life. There I said it. Breathe. It isn’t […]

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What about Anarcho-Capitalism?

Introduction Within Libertarianism there is an age old conflict between minarchists and anarchists. While I mostly see myself as a minarchist this is a matter of pragmatism rather than definitive principled defense of a minimal state or any kind of state. It is my opinion that Anarcho-Capitalism is the ideal but an ideal, might I […]

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Why Veganism is Retarded!

Introduction Let’s be honest: HUMANS ARE SUPERIOR TO ANIMALS IN EVERY SINGLE WAY! We are smarter, more rational, and we don’t live naked in the middle of the woods. And while there’s nothing wrong with being kind to animals or vegetarianism Veganism is a whole other story. From “meat is murder” to “save the whales” […]

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