America has an immigration problem. There are nearly 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. President Trump has suggested a boarder wall and mass deportation. This is a poor immigration policy. At best it will stop law abiding illegals from going back to their country because they’re afraid they won’t be able to cross again back into the United States. At worst it will create a massive new beuracracy that wastes billions of dollars a year. Not to mention that the wall will violate the property rights of Native Americans and others who have land near the boarder. Of course Donald Trump doesn’t care about this aspect because these people aren’t white. If these were white ranchers he wouldn’t think of infringing on their property. Nonetheless we do need to address the immigration problem.


There are currently 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States most are from South and Central America. Many illegals fly here legally and over stay their visas. Walls don’t stop planes. I would propose that illegals picked up, whether they are charged or not, be turned over to ICE and deported unless they have committed one of the following crimes:

  1. Rape
  2. Murder
  3. Drug or Sex Trafficking (which should be a crime for illegals whether it is legal or not)
  4. Armed Robbery
  5. Terrorism

In these five cases the illegal should be charged and tried for the crime. If convicted they should serve their sentence and then, after their sentence is served, either they, or their corpse in the case of the death penalty, should be sent back to their home country. All others should be deported immediately regardless of their crime.

Boarder States

Boarder States should be allowed to enforce boarder laws themselves. They are effected the most by illegal immigrants and should be allowed to enforce laws against these criminals. 

Blue Status

 Some illegals, actually let’s face it many if not most illegals, are law abiding and productive members of society. They just want to provide for their families. What I propose is a thirty day grace period every two years and a new immigration status. For thirty days every two years the law abiding illegals can turn themselves in, pay a fine, serve some time in jail, and receive a status that I call Blue Status. Blue Status allows these individuals all the same rights as Citizens except that they cannot vote or receive government benefits except for retirement. However they also can’t be deported and Blue Status cannot be revoked. Also all of their children will be full citizens. Those receiving Blue Status will of course have to learn English and take a pledge similar to the one for citizenship but they won’t have to take the test since they can’t vote. In this way we can show some compassion on illegals without ignoring their crime.

Incentivising Legals to Assist

Legal immigrants can be valuable in the pursuit of illegals. Firstly they often know who the illegals are. Secondly they want citizenship. What we should do is wave all fees with regards to citizenship if they turn in illegals. They will still have to meet all the requirements but there will be no monetary barriers for them. In this was we can “bribe” legals to turn in illegals.

Charge Officials who knowingly harbour Illegals with Adding and Abetting a Fugitive

City and State officials who provide “sanctuary” to illegals are breaking the law just as they would be if they harboured serial killers or rapists. They should be indicted when they do so. This will sending a chilling effect and tell other such officials to tow the line.

Set up Special Task Forces inside “Sanctuary Cities”

ICE should set up local task forces inside Sanctuary Cities to catch illegals. This would bypass city ordinance and eliminate the possibility of “sanctuary” for illegals.

Remove the Right of Illegals to sue boarder agents

One problem facing boarder agents is laws allowing illegals to sue them if they are shot. These laws should be repealed. Illegals should be treated as any other criminal. When the man with the badge says stop you stop.


If all of the above policies were passed they would eliminate 90% of the illegals within a few short years and prevent further illegals in the future. This would greatly improve our immigration problem, be less expensive than a boarder wall and mass deportation, and, unlike the wall, won’t violate any property rights.

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