LGBT Part II: Social Concerns


In Part I we explored the scriptural teaching concerning the LGBT community. In this article we will discuss social issues surrounding this community. As an Apostolic Libertarian I am conflicted on this. On the one hand being homosexual is immoral however homosexuality in and of itself is harmless to others. With that being said here’s my take on the social side.

To Marry or Not to Marry

So the big thing right now is gay marriage. With it being granted as a “constitutional right” last year there are certainly a wide range of views on the issue. So firstly marriage can’t be a “constitutional right” because marriage isn’t mentioned in the constitution. The 14th amendment argument as laid out by the courts would only apply if marriage was a specifically enumerated right. The 14th amendment applies the bill of rights to the states in the same way that it is applied to the federal government. But the provision being considered has to actually exist. Thus this can’t be a proper argument in favour of gay marriage. Secondly we do not, and should not, base policy off of popularity or emotions but based off of rational moral principles.

However there is still a pretty good argument not so much for gay marriage as a whole but for marriage privatization. Firstly America was founded on ideas such as liberty, justice, and equality. Secondly the LGBT community doesn’t deserve extra rights but these individuals are human beings and definitely deserve THE SAME RIGHTS! Thus marriage should be an issue for private institutions and individuals to handle not government. This will ease tension between Homosexuals and Heterosexuals as marriage will no longer be politicized. It will allow gays to “marry” without Christians such as myself having to validate it which will remove the conflict. And frankly I don’t care anyway. I don’t support homosexuality but I don’t actively hate gays either. I dislike faggots which is to be defined as a gay who spends every waking moment making sure you know he’s gay all the way down to his dress. But I have no problem with the average gay man. If you ask me what I believe about homosexuality I will tell you that I think it’s a sin but I don’t spend my every waking moment thinking about gays. We live in a free society. Nobody is going to throw you off a rooftop for being gay(unlike some Muslim countries we know of) and homosexuals are now 100% equal. You are not oppressed. Marry, do whatever you want, but don’t drag others into it.

Bake that cake?

Um…no! Just as gays deserve the right to marry who they wish their descenters deserve the right to not participate in things they find immoral. Personally, and in an ideal world this would be the case, the property rights of the business owner trump the “feelz” of any group minority or otherwise. If a white man wants to put up a no blacks allowed sign he should be allowed to do so because that business is his property. However barring that business owners should be allowed to turn down things that they find immoral. Nobody would expect a Jewish baker to bake a Nazi wedding cake. Nobody would expect a Muslim butcher to butcher a pig. Yet when it comes to Christianity and homosexuality this courtesy goes out the window. The freedom of conscience, the idea that a person cannot be compelled to do something against their moral code, is among our most basic freedoms. It is why conscientious objectors can’t be pressed into warfare and why scientists can’t be forced to manufacture wmds and why pro-life doctors can’t be forced to perform an abortion. So it should apply to business also. You wouldn’t force a vegan to sell meat so why force a Christian to sell something which is against the dictates of their conscience? Of course this same line of reasoning doesn’t apply to civil servants like Kim Davis however the solution to Kim Davis is marriage privitization. If marriage were a private issue Kim Davis would’ve never had to choose between her faith and her job as a civil servant. She should not have ever been put in that position.

Society IS NOT anti-LGBT

According to a Pew Research poll in 2007 54% of people in the US opposed gay marriage with 37% supporting however, just ten years later, in 2017 62% support and 32% oppose. The same poll found that 85% of non-religiously affiliated, 68% of white Protestants, 67% of Catholics, and 44% of Black Protestants support gay marriage. In fact you are more likely to run into an 80+ year old black Protestant “homophobe” than you are a homophobe of any other demographic as only 41% of the silent generation (80+) support gay marriage as opposed to 74% of millenials, 65% of generation x, and 56% percent of baby boomers who all support gay marriage.

In other words dear gay people, you ARE NOT oppressed in the United States, unlike certain other places, so please stop playing the victim. You aren’t killed in America. You have NEVER been turned down for a job because you are gay, lesbian, or bigender. Military service, while it isn’t a right, is now open to lgbt members. You have always been able to vote. And you can now marry in all 50 states. You are not special. A person’s sexuality IS NOT an accomplishment. And your feelings don’t matter. Now shut up and sit down.

Domestic Violence in the LGBT community

So you aren’t persecuted but you do still have one problem: domestic violence. According to 61% of bisexual women and 44% of lesbians have experienced rape as opposed to only 35% of heterosexual women. Also 19% of transexuals have experienced violence at the hands of a family member however the number is higher among transgender who are Native Americans(45%), Asians(36%), blacks(35%), and Latinos(35%). Also of women who co-habitate with other women(lesbian households) 39.2% experience abuse at the hands of their “partner” as opposed to only 21.7% of heterosexual female cohabitants. Of homosexual men 23.1% face domestic violence at the hands of their partner as opposed to only 7.4% of heterosexual men. So yes the lgbt community still has issues but these are normal social issues that heterosexuals also go through and they come mostly from the lgbt community itself.

Transgender Suicide

Persons with transexualism after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behavior, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population.

Transexuals who transition have a higher suicide rate however this IS NOT due to discrimination. Blacks have lower suicide rates than everyone else yet the highest reported occurrences of perceived discrimination. Whites have the highest rate of suicide yet the lowest reported occurrences of perceived discrimination. If discrimination could cause suicide these numbers would be flipped. So why do transgenders commit such high rates of suicide? They are mentally ill! According to Paul Mchugh transgender have a disorder in two regards:

  1. The idea of sexual misalignment contradicts physical reality.
  2. It can lead to grim psychiatric outcomes.

Transgenderism is a “disorder of assumption” similar to anorexia and bulimia. This disorder is often called Gender-Dysphoria and is the mistaken belief that the gender you were born is somehow wrong. But as Paul points out you can’t change your gender. You are either male(xy) or female(xx). Promoting “reassignment” as a right is dangerous. Not only are you parroting a disorder as “normal”(it isn’t only 8% or less of any given population is transgender) but you are encouraging a procedure which could make a person suicidal due to the hormonal imbalance created by taking hormones foreign to your body. You are literally killing people. The solution to gender-dysphoria is therapy not surgery. We cannot and should not ignore reality in order to avoid offending people. PC culture is literally killing people. This isn’t “transphobic”(whatever that means) rather I’m genuinely concerned about the mental health of other people. Stop encouraging suicide. If I went around advocating for suicide most websites would cut me off. But if I advocate for transition surgery, which does cause suicide, I am applauded. This is ridiculous and should stop.

No there ARE NOT more than two genders

If you don’t understand this you must have flunked biology, anatomy, sex ed, and health class. There are only two genders. No matter how hard you try you will never come up with more than two genders. So all the genderfliuds, gender neutrals, pansexuals, other-kin, etc. bull crap can go away now. You are trivialising a serious mental disorder and I feel retarded for having heard of your stupidity. So here are a few facts for you:

  1. There are only two genders.
  2. Transgenderism, also known as gender-dysphoria, is a mental disorder.
  3. You are not special or important.
  4. Nobody cares about your feelings.
  5. Facts trump your feelz.
  6. And Jesus loves you but he wishes you would cut out the retarded crap.

In other words: JUST STOP ALREADY!

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