Why Feminism is Retarded!


Feminists will claim that “oh women are the oppressed class” or “men are all rapists”. This rhetoric is toxic. It is utterly false. In every instance in the West where women claim oppression it is always a non-issue. There’s been the gender-pay gap(debunked literally hundreds of times), man spreading(the result of basic male biology), rape culture (totally nonexistent in the western world), man splaining(when men interrupt women which is totally a non issue), and etc. Feminism has accomplished all it was created for. Women have equal pay for equal work, they can work outside the home, they can vote, they can sleep around, they can marry whom ever they wish, they can enter politics or the military, etc. They are 100% equal in society. Yet feminists will still claim otherwise. No doubt some of them, who have undoubtedly clicked on this article to hear another “woman hater”, are already calling me a “rape apologist” (whatever that means) when the opposite is true. I have a mom, sisters, a grandma, etc. I certainly don’t support rape if for no other reason than the very selfish motive of there being women I care about. So of course I couldn’t be a rape apologist. In fact unless you are talking about Muslim males rape apologists don’t exist.

Moderate Muslims DO NOT exist and Islam is a Rape Culture

Moderate Muslims don’t exist. I know I’m “Islamophobic” right now. But the numbers speak for themselves. Even so-called “moderates” view terrorism favorably. In fact with all the violent verses in the Quran a Muslim would either have to be a Radical in disguise, a Terrorist sympathizer, or in a permanent state of self-denial. The largest Muslim advocacy group in America, CAIR, is a Hamas front group. The Quran teaches that women are inferior, and Muslim countries have laws supporting the abuse of women yet Feminists refuse to call them out even going so far as to wear the Hijab as “a symbol of women power” when it is actually a symbol of female oppression. Islam is the biggest cancer on planet earth. There is nothing “peaceful” or “feminist” about Islam. Islam is responsible for rape, pedophilia, murder, domestic violence, “honor” killings, and religious persecution around the world. Muslims throw acid in the face of young women who refuse to marry 40 year old perverts throw gays off of rooftopsbehead Christians, and treat Jews as second class citizens. Muslims started the African slave trade and still run a slave trade today. Yet feminists, who are supposed to be about equality, defend Islam instead of decrying it. Why? Because both Feminists and Muslims hate Capitalism and the Western World. Also because feminists know that if they pulled the stupid bull crap they do in America in Muslim Countries they would be stoned. It is because of this that there is only one modern Feminist I respect: Hirsi Ali. Outside of her all feminists are braw burning retards who hate men, unless they’re gay or Muslim, and love Communism and Islam.

Gender Pay Gap

This has literally been debunked millions of times. I don’t feel the need to post links. Women are more likely to take off when they are sick, take lesser paying jobs, turn down promotions, etc. Women get pregnant and stay at home. Women work less hours. This is why women make less than men. If you take a man and a woman who work the same amount of hours in the same job neither ever married or had children and both started working at 18 and retired at 65 women actually make slightly more. In fact it is against the law to pay women less. And if women were paid less industries would hire nothing but women. Yet only Strip clubs, porn sites, escort services, and cat houses hire predominantly more women than men. Any job not sex based has the same amount if women as men or less proving that women cannot realistically be paid less than men.

Man Spreading

Why do men sit with their legs slightly spread? BECAUSE OUR REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS ARE ON THE OUTSIDE OF OUR BODIES! The woman’s uterus doesn’t dangle between her legs. She has no idea what it’s like to have her reproductive organs smooshed together. Also if you take a man and woman of the same build the man will have narrower hips and wider shoulders whereas the woman will have wider hips and narrower shoulders. This has to do with the position of the reproductive organs as much as anything else and it effects stability as you sit. Men have to sit with their legs slightly apart in order to support themselves comfortably because of this. In other words this is a conspiracy of biology not the patriarchy. STOP MAKING ISSUES OUT OF NONE ISSUES!


Well those are just a few reasons why Feminism is retarded. I would have addressed more issues but that’s about all the retardation I can stomach for one day. 

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