American Political System Part II: Cultural Undercurrent


In Part I we discussed the Political Spectrum and how to classify it. Now we will turn our gazes towards the cultural undercurrent of that spectrum. In fact where a person sits on the cultural scale often shows where they will sit on the political scale. Basically everyone is either culturally libertarian or culturally authoritarian. This does inform their political views to a degree.

Cultural Libertarians

A Cultural Libertarian is an individual who believes that America was founded as a country of individual autonomy. That we should take this laize-faire approach to the social lives of private citizens. That is to say it is the attitude that people should be able to say, do, believe, think, love, marry, play, watch, buy, and consume whatever they want. That they don’t need to be lectured, harassed, or bullied. That they don’t need to be told that they are sexist, racist, homophobic, or fascist. That they shouldn’t be lied to by the media, slandered by Hollywood, or looked down on by the political elites.

This idealism is loosely based upon the Classical Liberal philosophy that America was founded upon. This belief system doesn’t always land a person on the individualist part of the spectrum but it usually does.

Cultural Authoritarianism

Cultural Authoritarians are people who have a fundamentally tribal view of society. Society is a collective in this worldview and that society has the right to curtail social activities that it finds unacceptable or harmful to specific groups in society. Videogames are sexist and violent, Milo Yiannopolous is a “white supremacist”, donuts make you fat, models make fat people insecure, etc. Basically in a rush to create a more “tolerant” and “accepting” society these individuals rush to reduce that which has historically been the bedstone of a tolerant society: individual autonomy. In this worldview the individual is replaced with society, morality is replaced with social consensus, religion is replaced with “culture”, etc. And this has led to some interesting conflicts in recent years.

The 2016 Election and Donald Trump

I will start this by saying that I didn’t support Donald Trump nor do I now. I find his views on the Drug War, the Fourth Amendment, and Property disturbing. I find his comments about women repulsive. And I find his narcissism terrifying.

With that being said I understand why people voted for him: He was the push back! He was the push back against cultural authoritarians such as Black Lives Matter, Social Justice Warriors, Feminism, and Antifa who for years have demonized Conservative Americans in the Media and attacked them in public. It was the push back against all the violence and false accusations. It was the response to accusations of Homophobia and Sexism. The more people rioted the bigger Trump got. Trump became so large that nothing could stop him. His incoherent babblings became an ideology of their own called Trumpism which is an anti-intellectual brand of Nationalistic and Populistic Conservatism. The more these retards threw things, lit stuff on fire, and attacked Trump supporters the more they trivialized those legitimate complaints about Trump which exist and the more determined people came to be to vote for him. By trying to destroy him they created his movement for him. This is probably why most of the polls suggested a Trump loss. Most of the people who didn’t respond probably weren’t intending to vote. But come election day they were so angry that they showed up in mass droves to vote for Trump. This is the first time that all polls failed. Trump won because people were sick of the left. It wasn’t about his policies. It was about his attacks on the media and his clashes with SJWs and Antifa that they voted for him over.

Gamer Gate

Gamer Gate is a reference to the push back against feminists, sjws, and gaming journalists who called video gamers sexist. Gamers unilaterally stood up and stopped the media retardedness against them. This was another example of the fight between cultural authoritarians and libertarians. The media hounds, parroting feminist and sjw talking points, represented cultural authoritarians while the gamers represented cultural libertarians who are tired of being told what they should and shouldn’t do and being called sexist if they disobey. This is the result.

Milo Yianopolous 

Milo is a provacator and mega troll. He says offensive things during his speeches and draws large crowds. Why? Because the sjws and others hate him. News flash: If SJWs hate you you’re golden! Seriously if you want to bring down someone like Milo the last thing you should do is call the man a white supremacist.


The political spectrum is informed by the cultural undercurrent and the above are just a few examples of the shifts in that current. Hopefully this helps you better understand politics in this country.

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