Why Veganism is Retarded!


Let’s be honest: HUMANS ARE SUPERIOR TO ANIMALS IN EVERY SINGLE WAY! We are smarter, more rational, and we don’t live naked in the middle of the woods. And while there’s nothing wrong with being kind to animals or vegetarianism Veganism is a whole other story. From “meat is murder” to “save the whales” I can’t stand these retards and their irrational views. And they know their views are pure retardation which is why they hide behind the larger animal rights movement, which is also retarded, and rant about “animal welfare” issues. So without further delay here is why Vegans are retarded.

Animals ARE NOT People and aren’t even close to being our equals

Veganism just like the rest of the Animal Rights Movement believes that animals and people are equals. So let’s put it this way if the most complex thing you can build is a stick for poking ant hills there is a reason you are at the bottom of the food chain. Forget about the scriptural mandate to subdue the earth for a minute even science itself will confirm the inferiority of animals to people. Animals DO NOT have rights. They are not equal with humans. Have never been equal with humans. And will never be equal with humans. We rule they serve. We consume they provide. It is the natural order of things. To suggest otherwise is retarded.

Meat IS NOT Murder

Murder insinuates that animals have a right to live. Guest what: THEY DON’T! The right to life IS FOR HUMANS ONLY! Animals kill and eat each other for Christ’s sake! Sometimes they even eat human beings. They clearly have no concept of ethics.

Mankind is better off now that we eat meat!

When we still lived in caves and ate salad the average age was 35. When a man and woman said “till death do us part” they expected to die in about ten to fifteen years. Why do you think they made so many children? But then we figured out how to make fire to keep warm and cook flesh. We figured out how to farm and build houses. We started building all kinds of useful things that lengthened our lives and improved them. When we started making medicine we used animal test subjects. In fact medicine, clothes, make-up, zoos, pets, and yes even meat all constitute an exploitation of animals. And both we and the animals are mostly better off for it.

Nature is Violent and Brutal

Animals hunt and kill each other all the time. In Nature most sex is rape by human standards. And genetically defective children are killed rather than provided for. Nature isn’t tranquil, peaceful, or harmonious. It simply isn’t true. And I’m tired of hearing it.

Animals are better off because we eat them

Not one single domestic species has ever gone extinct. They are kept alive as a species because they are useful to humans. Natural conditions such as climate change or foreign species can be deadly to a species of animals however domestic animals are sheltered from this. Thus by eating animals we are actually preserving them. If you care about cows eat beef. If you care about pigs eat pork.


If you are a Vegan you’re retarded and you know it. Stop being a retard.

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