Abortion is a sensitive issue with most people. And this article is sure to start more than a few arguments. However I feel abliged to give an honest presentation of what I believe about abortion religiously, ethically, rationally, and politically.

My View on Abortion

I am pro-life. There I said it. Breathe. It isn’t the end of the world and no you are not dreaming. Someone disagrees with you. I am pro-life for both religious and nonreligious reasons. Firstly the Bible tells us not to commit murder.  Secondly the Bible tells us that the unborn are living creatures.

Moving on to biology the unborn meet all the biological criteria for being living creatures. They are living human beings. This is without contestation. They are not a lump of human cells or a parasite (parasites have a choice in the matter). They are human beings.

How rights works

So there is a little confusion over how natural rights work. Let me explain. They are derived from your nature as human beings. That nature is yours the moment you exist. It doesn’t come at some arbitrary point of viability or at birth. The natural rights which we have are ours from conception. Period. End of story.

What about the NAP?

Abortion is murder. Murder, which is defined as a violation of the right to life, is a violation of the NAP. It is aggression against another human life. The government’s job is to protect Natural Rights. It has an established monopoly on retaliatory force. One of its jobs is to protect against murder. Abortion is murder. Ergo abortion should be illegal. Simple.

What about Rape and Incest?

 Only about 0.3% of abortions are due to rape and only about  0.03% are due to incest. Now these are usually used as an excuse to justify all abortions. However if someone was really only concerned with these cases the vast majority of abortions would never happen. I don’t believe in abortion for these cases and I am going to explain. Firstly the child is not guilty of its parent’s sins. We don’t put children to death because their father’s are serial killers so why do it when they are the product of rape? Adoption is a viable option in fact the mother never even has to see the child. She can sign that right away before she goes into labour.  Secondly in the case of incest the concern is over deformity. However we don’t abort those with autism or fragile x(which my brother has). We don’t abort those with ADHD(which I myself have). Why abort a child for incest? Finally rapists should be castrated or killed children should not be killed. It is that simple.

What about life of the Mother?

So only 0.1% of abortions occur due to a risk to the mother’s life and only 0.8% occur due to risk of her health. I actually agree with both of these so let’s lump them together and say .9% happen for these reasons. I agree with this because it’s the difference between “don’t murder” and “jump in front of that bus to save that kid”. One is just human decency. The other is heroism. Everyone should be required to be a decent human being. Nobody should be required to risk life or limb for another human being even their own child(though a good mother would). Heroism should be a choice not an obligation. Women who choose their child over themselves are heroes to be praised. Women who do not should not be shamed for not doing so. Decisions of life and death are hard to make. 

What about the Woman’s right to choose?

 I do support a woman’s right to choose. She can choose who to have sex with and when and where to have sex. She can choose what type of contraception to use. She can even choose whether to keep the child or give it up for adoption. But murdering another human being is not a choice. It is murder. It must have legal consequences. 

How can you be Prolife and support the Death Penalty?

Firstly your natural rights end where someone else’s begin. Putting someone in a cage is a violation of their natural rights until they violate someone else’s and loose those rights. When you violate the right to life you forfeit your own right to life. Secondly suicide isn’t murder. If you knowingly and willingly do something which could lead to your death that is suicide if you die. Murder carries a penalty of death. Criminals know this. Therefore when they get put to death for murder they have officially committed suicide. Finally death shouldn’t be given unless we know for sure. For example Dylan Roof was sentenced to death and rightly so. We know he did it. Abortion is similarly well documented. There is ample evidence of abortion so there is no chance of getting it wrong. It really is that simple.


Abortion is a heinous act which constitutes murder. It should be illegal and punished as murder. There are no excuses for this act.

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