The Ethical and Rational Case for defending the State of Israel from the Left as well as the Alt-Right


There has recently be rampant rise of Anti-Semitism and attacks on Israel by the Left and the Alt-Right. Israel is lied about in the media where it’s portrayed as a Nation of oppressors occupying Palestinian land and attacked on the world stage by members of the UN for “human rights violations” when many of the members of the UN Human Rights council are themselves guilt at of human rights violations. However these attacks are false. Not only are they false but there is a ethical and rational argument for defending Israel from such attacks.

Israel was given to the Jewish People by God

So firstly God promised the Jewish people the land of Israel. This land is theirs by right. However the Jewish people are also generous and have not only allowed their nation to be a western styled multicultural society but they haven’t even taken everything that God promised them. They have a divine mandate to do so but they have chosen to be content with the little bit of land that they currently have. The Arab states should be grateful that Israel hasn’t presented its full claim to the middle east. They could do so and God would fight for them. That they don’t is fortunate for Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. God would give Israel all or part of all of these countries if they pressed the issue. That the old testament is over has nothing to do with it. The promises of God are without repentance. This means that when God promised Israel land that promise is still relevant today. Also unlike being a Christian being Jewish is a matter of heritage. That is you are born Jewish and that’s it. The promises apply to you. And this applies whether you are the descendant of actual ethnic Jews or your family was Proselytized. The Bible makes very little to no distinction between the two. Once a group of persons accept the Jewish covenant it applies in its entirety.

Israel is the only Free Country in the Middle East

Israel is not perfect. There’s much to be desired in their land policies for example or their treatment of certain minorities however over all the Jewish state is the freest society in the Middle East. Even with the few inequities in their system they are freer than every Muslim country ever. Why? Ideology. Islam is an ideology of terror. In Islam everything is a caste system. Men come before women. Arab Muslims before non-Arab Muslims(especially African Muslims). Muslims before Christians and Jews. Christians and Jews before other infidels. Heterosexuals before Homosexuals. And so on. Muslims throw gays off of rooftops, behead Christians, treat Jews as second class citizens, and treat women as dogs. Muslims still practice slavery and stonings. Islam is a totalitarian ideology bent on dominating all other cultures. Israel on the other hand, while being Jewish state, has operated mostly as a secular society. In fact while Christians and Muslims might sometimes be berated all Israeli citizens are allowed to vote regardless of religion or lack thereof. They are also afforded equal economic opportunity. And this regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or religion. There simply isn’t a more civilized society in the middle east. The rest of the middle east is a backwards world of totalitarian ideology from the dark ages. It reminds me of some of the anime where you have this weird world where everyone is still riding around on horses and using swords yet you somehow have guns and factories. This is what the Islamic world reminds me of. That anyone prefers this kind of world to Israel is asinine.

Lebanon is a good example of what happens when mostly secular countries are taken over by Muslims

Lebanon used to be a secular liberal Christian Democracy. They harbored Palestinians and supported them against Israel. They afforded Muslims all rights except for the right to vote. They even gave them free college and ignored chants of “death to infidels” in their streets. Then Islamic insurgents invaded Lebanon and overthrew their democracy. Now it is a backwards crap hole. This is what happens when Muslims take over secular countries. Those who support Palestine over Israel want this to happen in Israel. They are supporting slaughter and Islamic dictatorship. This is not an American thing to support. You ought to support a free state over a Muslim dictatorship.

Muslims Don’t Deserve Their Own Country

Islam has caused mass atrocities everywhere it had gained prominence. As I said before Muslims have terrible human rights records. They have never built a country that didn’t murder people. All civilized countries are based on Western Secular and Judeo-Christian beliefs. There is not a single Muslim country based on equality and liberty. What little bit of technology the Muslim world has came from the west and communist countries and Asia. They would’ve been otherwise incapable of building what little they have built. Israel is filled with lush gardens. The rest of the middle east is a kitty litter box. Muslims have proven time and again that they can’t handle running a country. Why should we give Palestinians their own state? The Jews have done much better with the land than Muslims ever could.


Israel is God’s chosen nation and is morally, rationally, and scientifically superior to its Islamic neighbors. As Americans we should support any country that is civilized and free. Western values are more important than “social tolerance” (which doesn’t apply to nationhood by the way). Anyone who disagrees is an antisemitic bigot and probably a Nazi.

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