Westernism vs. Multiculturalism


Today people are more than willing to bow down at the alter of multiculturalism and “social acceptance” at the expense of liberty and equality. This is a huge mistake and an compromise of the values of Western Civilization. It is the cause of the unholy alliance between the left and totalitarian ideologies like Islam and Communism. Replacing tolerance with acceptance is a mistake. Replacing western values with multicultural ones is also a mistake.

Defining Terms

Before we get started let’s define a few terms:

  1. Westernism is a cultural/political ideology based on a recognition of western values such as tolerance, liberty, and equality before the law. It is the idea that these values form one western culture with all other cultures being subcultures of the main one and that political ideology should be informed by this culture. It demands assimilation, though not total abandonment, of all cultures in a society.
  2. Multiculturalism is a cultural/political ideology based on a rejection of inherently western values in exchange for a multicultural society. It lacks a belief in tolerance instead favoring acceptance. It favors equality in economic outcome over equality before the law. It rejects individual liberty for cultural co-equality. Instead of assimilation it celibrates “cultural diversity” and separate cultures. Finally multiculturalists hate Westernism.
  3. Tolerance is a live and let live approach to other people. Tolerance requires nothing but a respect for different people. It doesn’t require you to condone or celebrate behaviors that you disagree with. It merely requires nonintervention in the private lives of your fellow citizens.
  4. Acceptance requires that you not only respect other people but that you both condone and celebrate their differences. This is of course a violation of freedom of conscience and freedom of association. A person who believes in acceptance is intolerant of conscientious objectors because they don’t “tow the line”.

Cultures Can’t Coexist unless they assimilate to a Culture of Common Values

The first flaw of multiculturalism is that multiple cultures don’t naturally mix. Judaism, Christianity, Islams, Buddhism, Hinduism, Atheism, etc. will always be at odds with each other unless they assimilate into themselves common values such as liberty, equality, and tolerance where these are the core precepts of their culture and their religious cultural values becone secondary subsets. If this doesn’t happen said cultures will always be at odds. And this doesn’t even take into account various ethnic based cultures such as white culture vs. black culture. Unless these individuals accept common core values they will always be at odds. Multiculturalism rejects the need for cultural assimilation and with it common values such as liberty, equality, and tolerance. The result of this is conflict between various cultural groups. When blacks start to think of themselves as blacks and whites as whites instead of thinking of themselves first and foremost as Americans, Canadians, British, French, Dutch, Australian, Israeli, etc. that is when you have a problem. Multiculturalism exasberates this problem by pitting cultures against each other. The left allows Muslim refugees in who then turn around and rape western women and they celebrate this in the name of acceptance. This is the result of multiculturalism and social acceptance. Westernism would either reject such refugees outright or force them to undergo reeducation in western values before they could become members of western society. Multiculturalism also causes race wars by breaking down the cohesian between members of different ethnic groups. Because leftists, especially Social Justice Warriors, complain about “cultural appropriation” and “microaggressions” (whatever those are) they end up leading ethnic minorities to claim victimhood in the name of multiculturalism. This causes clashes and race riots such as those started by Black Lives Matter. Why? Because they forget how to be Americans and instead become African-Americans. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with blacks maintaining their ethnic identity anymore than it’s wrong for Jews to maintain their Jewish identity. But when blacks, or Jews, or Muslims abandon western values they do a disservice to themselves and everyone else around them.

“Cultural Appropriation” is a Good Thing

Historically speaking there were two kinds of Empires: those that crushed all conquered people into dust and those that assimilated parts of their subject’s culture into their own thus facilitating a common culture held to by all subjects of their Empire.

In the first group you had Empires like those of Ancient Egypt or Spain. Such Empires were guilty of enslaving, and in some cases committing genocide against, conquered peoples. Such Empires were known for their Barbarism and Cruelty. The Spanish nearly wiped out all of the Incans and Aztecs and did kill off the Mayans. The Egyptians enslaved Jews, Ethiopians, Nubians, etc. during their conquests.

In the second group you had ancient Empires like Rome, Persia, and the Helenistic Empire of Alexander the Great as well as Colonial Empires such as those of France, Holland, and Denmark. Said Empires were usually kind to conquered peoples, with few exceptions, and conquered peoples typically started thinking of themselves as Romans, Persians, Alexandrians, French, and Dutch. In fact the Persians built temples to the gods of the peoples they conquered and the French accepted Native American customs such as blood bonds and so on and so forth. In turn these peoples became fiercely loyal to their Empires. For example in the French and Indian War the Native Americans sided with the French against the British.

Thus Cultural Appropriation is a sign of tolerance and respect for other cultures with a few exceptions. However they also give way to an evolution of cultures where people accept the best part of each culture and discard the rest creating a better culture over time. Instead of complaining about such appropriation of cultures we should readily accept them. 

Westernism is the Antithesis of Totalitarianism

Western Civilization and Western Values are the polar opposite of Totalitarianism. The West has historically valued liberty, equality, and tolerance. Totalitarianism is created when people can’t tolerate different opinions, beliefs, or cultures. This lack of tolerance stems from a belief in Multiculturalism. The standard is “everything is to be celebrated” unless of course “it commits heresy against our moral hedonism”. All such beliefs and cultures are not to be tolerated from the view point of the multiculturalist and this quickly escalates to totalitarianism. This is why the Left aligns itself with Islam. Neither ideology can tolerate differences of opinions. In a free society a business owner such as the owner of Chick-filet can hold whatever view he wants and it is to be tolerated even if everyone else disagrees. But under the left-wing doctrine of multiculturalism such a view isn’t permitted because it commits heresy against the view that everyones life style choices  “must be celebrated”. This attitude will eventually give way to Totalitarianism hence the left’s alliance with anything totalitarian.


Westernism is rationally, morally, culturally, and politically superior to Multiculturalism in every single way. In fact Multiculturalism of necessity leads to intolerance, hostility, totalitarianism, and social ills.

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