Political Liberty vs. Individual Liberty


I was on Twitter recently and some retard didn’t understand the difference between political and individual liberty. The issue was raised over my article on organizing society. They thought that my caste system was wrong apparently believing that Political liberty was fundamental. So it’s time to set the record.

Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty is another way of saying Natural Rights. As I explained here Natural Rights come from God or Human Nature. Individual Liberty is the application of Natural Rights in a Societal Sense. That is to say that Individual Liberty is the doctrine of how we deal with other individuals socially in reference to their natural rights. Thus individual liberty contains civil, social, religious, and economic liberty. These are fundamental to humanity and cannot be altered or revoked by government or society. They just are.

Political Liberty

Political Liberty is a category of rights granted by government dealing with social duties, rights, and political participation. Became these liberties are granted by government they can be altered at will. This is not immoral or wrong. A person doesn’t have a right to vote except under conditions established by government. Similarly they can’t run for or hold office without government permission. This is right and proper. Thus a caste system for politics is legitimate. Since political participation is a privilege rather than a right there is nothing immoral about restricting it to only the responsible classes. Had this occurred we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. The masses can’t be trusted. 2016 proves this. They nominated the two worst candidates in American history. A Caste system like the one I suggested would’ve probably prevented Hillary or Trump from winning their primaries. It would’ve also prevented the Welfare and Police States.

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