Why Veganism is Retarded!

Introduction Let’s be honest: HUMANS ARE SUPERIOR TO ANIMALS IN EVERY SINGLE WAY! We are smarter, more rational, and we don’t live naked in the middle of the woods. And while there’s nothing wrong with being kind to animals or vegetarianism Veganism is a whole other story. From “meat is murder” to “save the whales” […]

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Why Feminism is Retarded!

Introduction Feminists will claim that “oh women are the oppressed class” or “men are all rapists”. This rhetoric is toxic. It is utterly false. In every instance in the West where women claim oppression it is always a non-issue. There’s been the gender-pay gap(debunked literally hundreds of times), man spreading(the result of basic male biology), […]

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Introduction America has an immigration problem. There are nearly 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. President Trump has suggested a boarder wall and mass deportation. This is a poor immigration policy. At best it will stop law abiding illegals from going back to their country because they’re afraid they won’t be able to […]

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LGBT Part II: Social Concerns

Introduction In Part I we explored the scriptural teaching concerning the LGBT community. In this article we will discuss social issues surrounding this community. As an Apostolic Libertarian I am conflicted on this. On the one hand being homosexual is immoral however homosexuality in and of itself is harmless to others. With that being said […]

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