The Alt-Right vs. Libertarianism


In recent years and months the Alt-Right has emerged a relevant political philosophy and has thus presented the challenge of how to respond to such a philosophy particularly for Libertarians of all stripes who feel the allure of the Alt-Right due to its anti establishment “let them burn” attitude. This essentially stemming from the fact that libertarians have been accused of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and antisemitism. And this is tempting. To label oneself “Alt-Right” merely as a giant middle finger to the establishment. However we cannot ignore that the Alt-Right actually is all of these things. At the same time the Alt-Right does raise some good points about culture and social structures. So I will address all of this here.

Defining Terms

So firstly to define terms:

The Alt-Right is a political philosophy based in Nationalistic Populism and racial identity politics. However the Alt-Right IS NOT a white supremacist movement. Instead they are what we could call “cultural conservationists” believing that different cultures should be conserved separately in the same way that different ecosystems should be preserved separately. We will get into the flaws with this view later.

Libertarianism is a philosophy based on individual liberty, legal equality, and capitalism. The three pillars of Libertarianism are natural rights, nap, and self ownership. The two main branches are minarchism and Anarcho-Capitalism. There are of course variations. I am on principle an Anarcho-Capitalist but out of pragmatism a Minarchist. As a minarchist I am a Constitutionalist but still feel that there are flaws in our means of organization. But there are dozens of variations. What we all have in common is a firm belief in the three pillars. 

Nationalism is blind loyalty to the state.

Patriotism is pride in your country and familial love for your fellow countrymen.

Populism is the expression of an ideal as it relates to the people.

What the Alt-Right gets Right(no pun intended)

Firstly the Alt-Right bases its racism on the belief in inherent differences between groups of people. However the proper diagnosis is ideological-cultural rather than racial-cultural. The Alt-Right sees race as a monolith. They are wrong race isn’t a monolith but culture, to the degree of ideology, is. Thus the Alt-Right is correct in railing against multiculturalism but not for the reason they suggest. A true Libertarian acknowledges this as I did here. Thus while Libertarians shouldn’t be racists they should believe in Westernism. True Libertarianism is Western in its ideology. Libertarians should never apologies for our western values, cultures, and beliefs. Rather we should be proud of them and advance them. Multiculturalism is doomed to fail because it contains in it no pride in western civilization or values.

Secondly the Alt-Right escews political correctness, the elites, and social justice. They are right on all of these points. Political correctness is a set of rules created to bludgeon people over the head for their socioeconomic or political views. The elites created these rules. Social Justice is the ideology propagated by these rules and SJWs wield this club called PC. Such rules are detrimental to society and it is good and proper that they should be opposed.

Finally the Alt-Right opposes Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism is the propagation of Marxist views to minorities on the basis of past mistreatment of said minorities. This ideal is permeated on campuses by liberal college professors. It should be opposed.

Why the Alt-Right is Wrong

  1. Race isn’t a monolith. It is a genetic variable that makes up .02% of our genetic code. It doesn’t, nor should it, define individuals. A black man born in Nigeria and a black man born in Chicago are two vary different animals(pardon my expression). Racial traits do not impact personality or culture except to the extent that people with said racial traits are disparaged or choose to isolate from people of other races. If a black man is raised in a white home in Oregon he is indistinguishable from whites except by appearance. 
  2. Multiple races living together isn’t a problem. Multiple non integrated cultures living together is the problem. Multiculturalism isn’t the problem because of having multiple races living together. It is the problem because it insists that different groups don’t have to assimilate culturally. This leads to conflict.
  3. The Alt-Right is nationalistic. Nationalism leads to terrors such as genocide and should be avoided. Libertarians should be Patriots not Nationalists. 
  4. The Alt-Right is socialistic. Alt-Right leaders want socialism for whites only. Socialism has never worked and cannot work even when based on race. The Alt-Right shroud their Socialism in Populism. Populism isn’t the problem. I consider myself populist as a libertarian. But just because something is popular doesn’t make it right. When I was a kid those ugly troll dolls were popular. They were still ugly. Their being popular didn’t make them pretty. Socialism being popular doesn’t make it work. My grandfather used to say wish in one hand and crap in the other. Society wishes socialism could work but their attempt to make socialism work is filling our country with crap quicker than it is being filled with “successful” socialism. At the end of the day it will still be crap.
  5. You can’t deport everyone that is of a different race. If for no other reason than cost.

What Libertarians get Wrong

Mainly most libertarians want a multicultural society with Open Boarders. They treat cultures as interchangeable when they’re not. Open boarders is legalized trespassing. I explained my immigration prescription here. And most importantly people aren’t going to abandon God, culture, family, and country for your boarderless society. If you don’t recognize this and adapt libertarianism will go extinct. 

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