Why I write this blog


As a child I was politically liberal. I bought into Al Gore(now I see his ideas the way I see his last name: Gore as in Blood and Gore) and his environmentalist rants. I was the kind of  would be hippie that would’ve voted for Barrack Obama and Bernie Sanders. I grew up around drugs, sex, and alcohol. The Church I went to was a nondenominational “do as thou wilt” lukewarm church. It had some move of the Spirit and it preached God’s grace and love but it abandoned weightier matters of sin, lifestyle, and holiness. When I was in my early teens my mother went to prison for drug use(surprise!) and I was adopted by a Pentecostal Family. We attended a UPCI affiliated church and I attended a predominantly Catholic public school known, among other things, of being a breeding ground for conservative thought. During this time I slowly had an evolution in my political, economic, and religious views. The following is my evolution in each.

My Apostolic Evolution

While attending my childhood church I heard many, of what I know now were, slanderous lies about Apostolics from the adults.

“They’re a cult, ” one person said.

“They deny the son, ” another would say.

Both are lies but these weren’t the only ones. Lies ranged anywhere from denying the son to oppressing women.

“Those poor pitiful women, ” one man(my pastor at the time) would say.

What I learned instead was that Apostolics are not only not a cult and not only is all of that stuff false but they are more likely to be saved than any other doctrinal group. The Bible mandates a strict monotheism, baptism in the name of Jesus, and Holiness. The only doctrinal group in Christendom that preaches and practices all of these is the Apostolic movement. All others refuse to follow these scriptural mandates. At the time there were two things that made me open minded to the Apostolics prior to conversion:

  1. They’re obvious love of Jesus. In truth no doctrinal group loves Jesus more. Every song and sermon is about Jesus. Every prayer is in Jesus’ name. And Baptism is done in Jesus’ name. On that last point it us curious that most evangelicals preface everything in Jesus’ name except baptism even though baptism was done in his name throughout the new testament (acts 2:38).
  2. They had the Holy Ghost. Now I know its more complex but my younger self couldn’t comprehend how one could have the Holy Ghost and not be saved.

If these two factors had been different I would never have converted. I could never for example become a Jehovah’s Witness or a Mormon. Why? Because they both either deny the Son or Deny strict biblical Monotheism. Also neither have a real move of the spirit and both  corrupt scripture or add to it to prove their doctrines. Even my twelve year old self knew better.

My Libertarian Evolution

At the same time I began attending school at Leopold in Bollinger County Missouri. Leopold was full of conservative thought. In particular my history teacher was extremely conservative. He never of course pushed his views off on us however he did expose us to a myriad of thought. It was in his class I was first introduced to John Stossel and Ayn Rand which were my first to exposures to Libertarianism. When I left the Left and moved right it started gradual. I started out as a supporter of John McCain(I know Ew right?). But as I studied more I quickly became more and more libertarian. It wasn’t until I discovered Gordonism that I became fully libertarian. Before that I struggled with my political identity knowing that I didn’t fit anywhere on the right-left spectrum but afraid to call myself libertarian because of the pro-abortion implication of the term. After I discovered Gordanism it all clicked for me and I became fully libertarian. In 2012 I supported Herman Cain(though if I could go back I would’ve supported Ron Paul) and then Mitt Romney(again ew) when he won the nomination. In 2016 I voted for Ted Cruz in the Republican Primaries and Gary Johnson in the General Election. I have to admit I was disappointed by Gary and I even rooted for his primary opponent Austin Petersen who I am happy to support in the Senate race for Missouri. I have read Ayn Rand, Ludwig Von Mises, John Stossel, Frederic Bastiat, etc.

Why I write

And this brings us full circle back to the main topic: My Reason for Writing this blog!

I write for the following reasons:

  1. To spread my beliefs. I wish to spread my beliefs on religion to libertarians and my political beliefs to Apostolics. In this way I can save souls of men and this country at the same time.
  2. To provide a firm basis for younger people who hold my views yet don’t know what they are. While I’m not the brightest tool in the shed I hope my articles can, nonetheless, help youths who, like me, are going through the same kind of political and religious evolution that I did.
  3. Finally so that I won’t have to discuss any issue I write about again. Once I’ve written an article if someone asks me or one of my readers a question on a given issue my articles can be their ideological answer. They may need to dig up proofs but they won’t need to outline basic principles. I’ve done that for them.

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