Examining Katy Perry Syndrome


This is something that I’ve been wanting to discuss for a long time. Katy Perry is the poster child for a problem I’ve seen in the Apostolic Community: the Problem of Apostolic Girls turning bad and leaving God. Some times this happens for no explicable reason. However more often than not there are two very real reasons: personal attitude and upbringing (specifically a lack of standards as a youth). I like to call this “condition” Katy Perry Syndrome or KPS. In this article we will discuss KPS. It is important to note that we won’t discuss Katy’s conversion to Feminism. That is a different topic altogether.


Katy Perry was born Katy Hudson in 1884 to Keith and Marry Hudson an “Apostolic Minister” and his wife. She originally produced Christian music under her birth name Katy Hudson but was unsuccessful and so started singing secular music. Thus Katy Perry was born. Katy Perry dresses like a slut, sings highly sexual songs, including one about kissing a girl and liking it, and performs Satanic rituals on stage. So let’s look at how she went from being a good Apostolic girl to being a literal devil child.

Her Attitude

There is an interview in which Katy talks about her past life as a Christian She says she “wanted to be the Amy Grant of Music” but it didn’t work out so “I sold my soul to the Devil”. So here’s the problem, this is why she was a failure as a Christian singer, gospel music ISN’T about you. Its about HIM! As long as praising Jesus is about you and not your saviour you cannot succeed in that endeavor. Her statement of why she sang Christian Music was ” I wanted to be as famous as X individual “. But you see Christian Music Singers don’t get famous by seeking fame. They get famous by seeking first the Kingdom of God. Katy didn’t fail because she’s talentless. She failed because it was all about her. She is not and was not talentless. She had the wrong spirit about it. This is all on her. Not mommy and daddy or God but her. She failed because she had a bad attitude. Pride comes before the fall. Lucifer fell by looking in mirrors and forgetting about the Creator that made him look that way. Katy fell because she forgot about the God who gave her that voice. 

Lack of Standards

Katy grew up in an Apostolic Church pastored by her father Keith Hudson. However this church is only Apostolic in its view of the Godhead. It doesn’t hold to Holiness Standards or insist on baptism in Jesus’ name. Thus Katy had the advantages of calling herself Apostolic but without any of the standards. When Keith Hudson asks “What happened to my little girl?” the answer is “You did”. By not enforcing any standards Keith invited his daughter to behave and think in a worldly manner. And he invited her to do so under the guise of Christianity. This was when Christianity ceased to have meaning for her. “An ethical system that permits everything that the world permits? Why not just join the world then? Why remain part of the Church? I have a beautiful singing voice. I can make it on my own. I don’t need God.” And that my friends is what happened. That right there is why Katy Hudson became Katy Perry. Without any standards she became what she never dreamed of becoming. She became what she was supposed to avoid becoming. 


So firstly it’s important to not that this doesn’t just apply to girls. It also applies to boys. Secondly not everyone is going to turn out as bad as or worse than Katy Perry. Most Apostolic youths who go astray probably won’t go to this extreme. However this doesn’t mean that Katy isn’t still the poster child for this. Indeed most Apostolic youths who go astray suffer from a lack of standards and an over evaluation of one’s self. If we wish to stop KPS we have to fix those two things. At the end of the day that’s what it boils down to.

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