Verse of the Day: Gen. 1:1


This is the introduction to a new feature on this blog. For now on I will do a verse of the day every day. This will include: a simple reading of the verse, a discussion of the verse in its original language, and a discussion on how the verse effects Christian Theology. Today’s verse is Genesis 1:1.

The Verse

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.|Gen. 1:1

Study Notes

The Apostolic Study Bible says:

The Hebrew word for  “create” is translated from a word that (in the form found here) is reserved in the old testament for the activity of God. It refers to God’s exclusive ability to bring into existence out of nothing. To indicate that God is forming something out of preexisting material, the creation narrative uses the term “made”. The word “God” is translated from the plural Elohim, which is used over 2,000 times in the old testament to refer to the singular Jehovah… In Hebrew, it is common to use repetition of a modifier or plural of a noun to indicate intensity.

Significants in Christian Theology

Christianity is a monotheistic faith closely related to Judaism. In Monotheism there is only One God and thus that God is the originator of all things. This includes the Universe, Civilization, Marriage, love and hate, War and Peace, Life and Death, Blessing and Cursing, etc. Thus it is important that Scripture begin this way for two reasons:

  1. It reinforces the idea that God originated everything.
  2. It sets Judaism and Christianity apart from all the other religions. No other religion starts with the beginning of the universe. Rather they all start with an already existing universe and then postulate how the world arrived to its current state through a series of natural processes manifested as gods(Pantheistic Evolution). Thus Genesis emphatically denies Pantheistic Evolution from the beginning instead insisting on Special Creation.

By doing these two things the Bible sets itself apart from other “holy books”. Christians today can confidently say ” We’re right ” not because we know it all or because we don’t get anything wrong but because we get the book right and because we know the God of the book.


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