Why we should Support the Iranian Protesters


In 2009 there were massive Iranian protests in response to corruption. The result was a “moderate” Islamic President. However it turns out that this President has been just as radical as tthe previous one and just as corrupt. Then enter the current protests. The current protesters are using Persian rhetoric instead of Muslim rhetoric. I think we should support these secular Persian Protesters. The following is why.

They Seem to have Utter Disdain for Islam

In 2009 the protesters had support of moderate leaders. Moderate leaders have abandoned the current protests. Why? Because their rhetoric is anti-Islamic. Islam is a sadistic death cult. It isn’t hard to be anti-Islamic. You just have to examine Islam critically and pay attention to what Muslims do such as throwing gays from rooftops and beheading Christians. The result is that you would have to be Anti-Islamic. The current protesters live in a country where Islam reigns supreme. They’ve witnessed stonings and beheadings in the name of Allah. Their speech is suppressed and they are treated as second class citizens if they are not Islamic. It isn’t hard to hate Islam when this is your life. Islam is incompatible with Western values and so as American’s we should support anything that is anti-Islamic.

The Protesters want a Secular Society

Iran is an Islamic Society founded on intimidation and fear. The protesters are secular Iranians with Western values. We should always support those with western values over those with Islamic ones. These protesters share our values and that is more important than any other consideration.

Iran is guilty of violating the Natural Rights of its Citizens

From stonings to beheadings and torture. The Islamic Regime is one of the most evil and heinious regimes on earth. The Iranian Protesters want to replace this regime with a secular one. Secular society is always morally superior to Islamic society. Therefore we should support the protesters.


We should support the Iranian protesters because they are secular, oppose Islam, have western values, and their Natural Rights have been violated repeatedly.

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