Why Trump is a Fraud


I have been saying this long before I had this blog and during the entire 2016 presidential election: Trump is a fraud! Trump is no conservative, has no respect for the constitution, and only “became Christian” in order to gain votes. The following is why.

Trump’s Support for Hillary Clinton

Trump was a contributor to the Clinton campaign in 2008 and the Clinton Foundation for 60 years. He supported President Bill Clinton and his policies and liberal politics. Then suddenly he roles off the bed, declares himself conservative, and we’re supposed to accept that? Not a chance. He wasn’t conservative before so he can’t possibly be conservative now.

Donald Trump and Gun Control

The Constitution says that “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed.” The record shows that Trump supported gun control in the past and more recently that he still supports it. During the 2016 campaign Trump called for a ban on AR-15s which he quickly dropped because he was loosing support over it. Here recently he signed an executive order banning bump stocks. Both are unconstitutional overreaches of government power. Yet Trump supports them.

Don’t Forget Trumpcare

During the 2016 camapaign Trump gave an interview where he said “we’re going to take care of everyone” which is clearly an indorsement of universal healthcare. He quickly dropped this because he was losing support over it(see a pattern yet?). During his first year in office he supported a house Republican bill that was Obamacare lite. It didn’t repeal anything. It simply shuffled Obamacare around to make it look like a different bill. Instead of supporting people like Rand Paul Trump supported this disasterous bill which was the opposite of what Republicans had promised the American people over and over again for eight years. The very promise that saw them win election after election and Trump supported a bill that went against it.

Trump’s Disdain for Free Trade

Republicans have historically been pro-free market and pro-free trade. But Trump opposes free trade as he has repeatedly threatened a trade war with China. This was cost Americans both in terms of trade and in terms of prices at home. So much for looking after the little guy.

Trump Doesn’t care about the Tenth Amendment

For decades Republicans and Democrats alike have taken a hands off approach in states where marijuana is legal. This is the correct approach and full consistent with the tenth ammendment. However the Trump administration has reversed this approach which puts thousands of Americans at risk for federal prosecution.


Trump is a liberal Clinton supporter who hates the constitution and supports universal health care.

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