My Case for Austin Petersen


I live in Missouri where in 2018 we have the opportunity to unseat Claire McKaskill the current Democrat Senator from Missouri. We have basically two choices on the Republican side of the isle: Austin Petersen and Josh “Ladder Boy” Hawley. I favor Austin and the following is why.

Austin isn’t Climbing political ladders

Unlike ladder boy Austin isn’t seeking to climb political ladders. Austin is running for Senate to serve Missouri as Senator not to climb ladders and one day become president. Hawley promised that if elected Attorney General for Missouri he would serve as Attorney General. He isn’t even half way into his first term yet and he already wants a promotion. We should hold Hawley to his promise and make him serve out his full term.

Austin is hated by both the Left and the Right

Josh Hawley is being funded by the likes of Mitch McConnel. Claire is supported by mega donors on the left such as George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg. Austin’s supporters? They’re grassroots Americans who love their great State of Missouri and want to see their Senator put Missouri first. Austin is that kind of candidate. He will put Missouri first as Senator and that is what Missouri needs. Not someone that’s out for the Republicans or the Democrats or who just wants to climb ladders but someone who’s dedicated to the state they serve.

Austin is Economically and Socially Libertarian and a Strong Constitutional Conservative

Austin Petersen firmly supports the free market and free trade, legal weed, and the bill of rights. He wants the government out of your wallet and your bedroom. That’s the kind of Republican that will beat Claire in 2018. Not some establishment wannabe that is hung up on towing the party lines but someone who believes in individual liberty as a fundamental principle. We tried the party line candidate last time Claire was up for reelection and he lost. Let’s try a different kind of Republican this time.

Austin is firmly pro-life

Not only is Austin Pro-life but he can defend the position from a purely scientific stance something that is vital in winning the fight over abortion. By voting for Austin you are voting for one of the greatest prolife advocates of our time.


In conclusion you should vote for Austin because he won’t climb ladders, he’ll put Missouri first, he believes in individual liberty and the constitution, and he’s firmly pro-life. You have nothing to lose. Vote Austin for Senate.

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