Refuting Original Sin


While it is recognized that all have sinned(Rom. 3:23) and that we sin by nature(Rom. 7:14-17) we must reject Original Sin. Why? Because Original Sin has three parts: the natural inclination to sin, the necessity to sin, and the guilt of Adam and Eve’s sin. While I agree with the first part, the natural inclination towards sin, I adamantly reject the other two parts of Original sin. Below is my refutation of them.

Refuting the Necessity to Sin

While the Bible does teach that all have sinned(Rom. 3:23), that we sin by nature(Rom. 7:14-17), and that this sin is the result of Adam’s Sin(Rom. 5:1) the Bible does not teach that we must sin. In fact the Bible teaches the opposite. Christ tells the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more(Jhn. 8:11) indicating that it’s possible not to sin. Noah, who lived in the most wicked generation in human history, was called perfect(Gen. 6:9). And David was called the “man after God’s own heart” (I Sam. 13:14). If these men could avoid sin so can any believer. This isn’t to say that you must be sinless. Nobody is. However it is possible to go long periods of time without sinning. How? By walking after the Spirit(Rom. 8:1-4). As long as you walk after the spirit you won’t sin. Furthermore the Bible says people sin of their own free will(Jhn. 3:17-21).

Refuting Inherited Guilt from Adam and Eve

Original Sin also teaches that you are born with the guilt of Adam and Eve. This is why Catholics, Orthodox, Calvinists(Prebetarians and Anglicans), Lutherans, and Methodists practice Infant Baptism. They claim that Baptism removes the inherited guilt of Adam and Eve. Not only is this not what baptism does but you can’t inherit guilt according to scripture.

The Soul that sinneth, it shall die. The Son shall not bear the iniquity of the Father, neither shall the Father bear iniquity for the Son…| Ezekial 18:20

Thus man can’t be guilty of Adam and Eve’s Sin.

In Conclusion

While man sins by nature, all have sinned, and we have a sinful inclination inherited from Adam and Eve we do not sin by necessity. Nor do we share in Adam and Eve’s guilt. Thus Original Sin is false.

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