Five Reasons Democrats Are Disgusting


Democrats are disgusting. This is a matter of objective fact. In fact somebody could probably prove it mathematically. I’m not going to try that however I am going to give you five reasons Democrats are disgusting.

Reason 1: Gun Control

According to the CDC guns save more people than they kill by preventing violent crimes. This is irrefutable fact. However Democrats are more worried about stopping criminals from having guns than empowering citizens to defend themselves. Thus they advocate for mass gun confiscation and repealing the second amendment. This is the act of a dictator not an elected public servant.

Reason 2: Illegal Immigration

It’s true that this is a country built by immigrants however illegal immigrants bring crime, disease, and drugs into our country. They provide cheap labor, devaluing American labor, and suck up welfare. In fact all illegal immigrants are criminals. And while I don’t agree with Trump’s wall it is clear that something must be done about illegal immigration. I provided my solution here. However Democrats don’t want to solve the problem. Why? Because illegal immigrants fraudulently vote for Democrats. So Democrats are content to allow illegals to keep coming into this country.

Reason 3: The Green New Deal

Ah, yes. Climate Change. The left’s favorite boogeyman. At one point it was twenty years, then ten, now it’s twelve years. And in order to combat climate change Alexandria Ocasia Cortez and her fellow Democrats have lined up a series of job killing regulations known as the Green New Deal that will, among other things, regulate cow farts. Need I say more? This bill if passed will have disastrous consequences for America’s economy. But Democrats don’t care.

Reason 4: Socialism

I’ve already stated elsewhere that I don’t like Trump because of his position on Kelo. Indeed I’m a property rights absolutist. However Trump’s got nothing on Democrats. Democrats want socialism in America. From socialized medicine to free college they want it all. How will they get it? By taking more money from those who earned it and giving it to those who don’t earn anything. This will hurt the middle class the most. Yet Democrats don’t care about the people whose money they’ll take. They only care about themselves and their constituents the dregs of society.

Reason 5: Infanticide

Not only do Democrats support abortion but now apparently they support killing live babies. That’s right Democrats want to murder babies who survive abortions. They voted down a bill that would have protected babies that survive abortion from murder. This is an asinine and barbaric position. Only animal kill living babies.


In conclusion the above positions are disgusting and supporting them makes you disgusting.

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