How The West Improved The World


Today the world is much more peaceful, prosperous, and has much higher standards of living thanks to Western influence. Four Western activities have lead to this improvement world wide: Imperialism, Christianity, Libertarianism, and Capitalism. In the following sections I will discuss each of them and how they improved the world.


So first a disclaimer. There are things I am saying and things I’m not. What I’m not saying is that Imperialism is, general speaking, a moral activity for any country to engage in. It’s not. Taking other people’s land and raping their people of their resources is a horrible thing to do.

However what I am saying is that Western Imperialism was beneficial to the world in that it spread Western values, Western culture, Western technology, and Western economics to the rest of the world. Imperialism is why Europe and China were better off than Africa, India,the middle east, the America’s, and Australia combined. Yet Imperialism by itself wouldn’t improve the world. If the Imperialists were full of superstitions that were anti-Science and thus anti-Progress the living conditions of the people they conquered would not improve. This is the reason that while China did have a few advancements of their own they still remained in the dark ages until Europeans arrived. This doesn’t mean of course that Europeans are superior to the Chinese, or any other race, as there is no superior race, but rather that European Culture and Values are superior to Chinese values and culture.

Thus what I’m claiming is that without the spread of Christianity, Libertarianism, and Capitalism through Imperialism the rest of the world would still be a backwards and dismal place.


Christianity is important to the improvement of the world for three reasons: firstly that it spread the belief in Christ to the known world which gave people a chance to be saved, secondly that it’s insistence on rationality pushed out the superstitions of the lands that were conquered thus paving the way for scientific and technological research, and that its focus on the individual paved the way for early libertarian thought such as freedom of conscience. It was also Christianity that paved the way for Capitalism.


While libertarian thought isn’t fully practiced in any society there are elements of it that are universal. The belief that we’re all created equal. The belief in human rights. Democracy and Republicanism. Freedom of Conscience, Religion, and Expression. All of these things are universal truths derived from Libertarian thought.


Capitalism has lifted billions of people out of abstract poverty. By allowing men to make money by serving their fellow man instead of defrauding them it allows people to pull themselves out of poverty. Without Capitalism multiple places would still be living in third world conditions.


Imperialism, Christianity, Libertarianism, and Capitalism are four western activities which improved the known world for billions. Without them we’d still be in the dark ages.


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