How The West Improved The World

Introduction Today the world is much more peaceful, prosperous, and has much higher standards of living thanks to Western influence. Four Western activities have lead to this improvement world wide: Imperialism, Christianity, Libertarianism, and Capitalism. In the following sections I will discuss each of them and how they improved the world. Imperialism So first a […]

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My Case for Austin Petersen

Introduction I live in Missouri where in 2018 we have the opportunity to unseat Claire McKaskill the current Democrat Senator from Missouri. We have basically two choices on the Republican side of the isle: Austin Petersen and Josh “Ladder Boy” Hawley. I favor Austin and the following is why. Austin isn’t Climbing political ladders Unlike […]

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Why Trump is a Fraud

Introduction I have been saying this long before I had this blog and during the entire 2016 presidential election: Trump is a fraud! Trump is no conservative, has no respect for the constitution, and only “became Christian” in order to gain votes. The following is why. Trump’s Support for Hillary Clinton Trump was a contributor […]

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The Alt-Right vs. Libertarianism

Introduction In recent years and months the Alt-Right has emerged a relevant political philosophy and has thus presented the challenge of how to respond to such a philosophy particularly for Libertarians of all stripes who feel the allure of the Alt-Right due to its anti establishment “let them burn” attitude. This essentially stemming from the […]

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