Westernism vs. Multiculturalism

Introduction Today people are more than willing to bow down at the alter of multiculturalism and “social acceptance” at the expense of liberty and equality. This is a huge mistake and an compromise of the values of Western Civilization. It is the cause of the unholy alliance between the left and totalitarian ideologies like Islam […]

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The Best way to Organize a society

Introduction In my article on Anarcho-Capitalism I made it clear that while I find Anarcho-Capitalism to be ideal I don’t find it feasible. In my article on the Constitution I made my support for the constitution clear. However this support is a matter of pragmatism. In truth if society is to have a compulsory state […]

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The Ethical and Rational Case for defending the State of Israel from the Left as well as the Alt-Right

Introduction There has recently be rampant rise of Anti-Semitism and attacks on Israel by the Left and the Alt-Right. Israel is lied about in the media where it’s portrayed as a Nation of oppressors occupying Palestinian land and attacked on the world stage by members of the UN for “human rights violations” when many of […]

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Introduction Abortion is a sensitive issue with most people. And this article is sure to start more than a few arguments. However I feel abliged to give an honest presentation of what I believe about abortion religiously, ethically, rationally, and politically. My View on Abortion I am pro-life. There I said it. Breathe. It isn’t […]

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What about Anarcho-Capitalism?

Introduction Within Libertarianism there is an age old conflict between minarchists and anarchists. While I mostly see myself as a minarchist this is a matter of pragmatism rather than definitive principled defense of a minimal state or any kind of state. It is my opinion that Anarcho-Capitalism is the ideal but an ideal, might I […]

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