Looking For More Contributors

I love running this blog. If I am not mistaken it’s growing. I can’t write articles by myself all the time. So…. Who wants to be a contributor?

How it works:

  1. Email me at jaykobseiler@gmail.com.
  2. Answer a few questions to test for religious/political compatibility.
  3. I will assess your answers and add you if you meet my criteria.


  1. Belief in Apostolic Essentials like Oneness, Holiness, and Acts 2:38 salvation.
  2. Belief in Libertarian essentials like economic liberty, nonintervention, drug legalization, etc.
  3. Strong sense of Western Values and heritage.

I will ask you questions intended to guage these things and get back to you.

Again for contact you can email me at jaykobseiler@gmail.com.